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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For Funsies: Gift Giving

I wonder how surprised you would be to find out that I have hardly any needlework that decorates my home. Most of what I do, I give away. There is always a new baby, a wedding, or a birthday that warrants the opportunity to give something stitchy to a loved one.

Sometimes I grumble about it. How many pieces I am working on, how fast or slow a project is going, what projects are waiting in the wings...but the truth is I really love doing it. And for the most part, people seem to enjoy the things I make for them as well. There is something about handmade gifts that mean more than a board game or book or CD. It makes me happy that people proudly display the things I make for them at home and in their offices. Warm and fuzzies....that sort of thing.

I like to think my gift giving is a little more special than most. First of all, it tends to be unique and quirky. I am a pop culture freak and I enjoy giving gifts of non-traditional designs that reflect that. People who see it tend to be really surprised and impressed that you can stitch a picture of Lucille Ball or quote Darth Vader in humorous and beautiful way. I also build my pieces, opposed to buying kits. I purchase or acquire a free pattern, I buy  the fabric and embroidery thread individually, and I frame everything myself. Most of it has been self taught, so there have been hits and misses but in the end, there is something awesome that has been created.

Overall, I am grateful for my love of this art, the people who support and admire it, and those that are gifted with it. Its a process, from conception to gifting. I enjoy every part of it. And I like to be a prime example of why cross stitching is not a dying art, how you can create items that are new and relevant, and turn the heads of those who think they know otherwise.

This isn't your Gramma's cross stitching!

Blog Hop #13: My Stitchmas Wish

The holidays are right around the corner and gift exchanges are happening everywhere you look. If an amazingly magical Stitchmas Santa were to fly overhead and bring you one stitching wish, what would it be?

I didn't have to think much about my Stitchmas wish, so this was Ottlite! 

I really need one of these. I currently try to do stitching at night using a regular floor lamp but find it not worth the trouble. It is heavy and big and because it uses regular bulbs, it is HOT. I like to sit on the couch and watch television with my family but the light is not very focused so it is quite the distraction for others in a dark room. I also have a small Ottlite with a magnifying glass that comes with a small tabletop stand and can be clipped onto a scroll bar or floor stand, but the light is not enough to focus on large pieces art and my chart at the same time so it is really slow work to stitch and keep referring to the pattern for reference.

The main reason I haven't purchased an Ottlite is because they are so dang expensive! For the work I do, it probably would be worth the money to invest in one. I would definitely be a more prolific stitcher and make progress on projects if I could stitch at night after I have come home from work. Particularly in the winter when it gets dark at 5pm.

I suppose I will break down and spend the $200 eventually. But who knows? Maybe this will be the year Santa brings me one!! Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop
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