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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For Funsies: Gift Giving

I wonder how surprised you would be to find out that I have hardly any needlework that decorates my home. Most of what I do, I give away. There is always a new baby, a wedding, or a birthday that warrants the opportunity to give something stitchy to a loved one.

Sometimes I grumble about it. How many pieces I am working on, how fast or slow a project is going, what projects are waiting in the wings...but the truth is I really love doing it. And for the most part, people seem to enjoy the things I make for them as well. There is something about handmade gifts that mean more than a board game or book or CD. It makes me happy that people proudly display the things I make for them at home and in their offices. Warm and fuzzies....that sort of thing.

I like to think my gift giving is a little more special than most. First of all, it tends to be unique and quirky. I am a pop culture freak and I enjoy giving gifts of non-traditional designs that reflect that. People who see it tend to be really surprised and impressed that you can stitch a picture of Lucille Ball or quote Darth Vader in humorous and beautiful way. I also build my pieces, opposed to buying kits. I purchase or acquire a free pattern, I buy  the fabric and embroidery thread individually, and I frame everything myself. Most of it has been self taught, so there have been hits and misses but in the end, there is something awesome that has been created.

Overall, I am grateful for my love of this art, the people who support and admire it, and those that are gifted with it. Its a process, from conception to gifting. I enjoy every part of it. And I like to be a prime example of why cross stitching is not a dying art, how you can create items that are new and relevant, and turn the heads of those who think they know otherwise.

This isn't your Gramma's cross stitching!


  1. I am ever so grateful to be a recipient of one of your fun, quirky patterns! My Darth makes me smile every day I'm at work. :D
    Thanks, Stitchy!

  2. I like fun, contemporary designs too! I'm not opposed to kits but all the ones I have were found in thrift stores. One of my favorite things about stitching is that if it doesn't exist, I can MAKE it exist with a freebie pattern maker! :D

    I like the quirky Lucille Ball stitch -- that one looks like it would be fun to watch 'come alive'!