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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blog Hop #11: My unusual or most interesting stash acquisition to date!

I lead I pretty uneventful, stitchy life. Not much excitement happens when embroidery thread and Aida fabric  is concerned. However, I was given the surprise of my life this past summer. I had spent the day away from home, attending one of my son's weekend excursions. I had driven a good part of the day as well, so I was doubly exhausted and maybe a little cranky.

I walked in my house and found a large crafting box sitting on kitchen table with a note on it. It was from my cousin...she had been garage sale shopping and had come across this box and immediately though of me when she saw it, so she bought it for me. I put the letter aside, not thinking much more than, "Aww, that is sweet." and proceeded to pick up the box and put it on the floor (it was big and I am short, so I couldn't look in it).

The first thing that struck me was that it was heavy. It also smelled like campfire. Weird. And then I took the lid off. This was what I found inside:
Omigosh! Tons and tons of fabric, a couple of embroidery hoops, a scroll frame, 2 sets of Q-snaps, dozens of cross stitch books, and other odds and ends. It was a goldmine of cross stitch goodies! I was floored and immediately called my cousin to thank her. She told me she had found a few books at first and the lady having the sale wandered by and asked her if she stitched.
"No, but cousin does. She would love these!"
"Well, I have more in this box."
My cousin said there was so much stuff - she didn't know what half of it was! - that she knew she had to get it.
"How much?"
"I will give it all to you for $5.00."
And my cousin swooped in and bought the whole lot before the lady could change her mind.
And THAT is my most interesting (and unusual!) stash acquirement...ever.

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  1. That is a very, very cool cousin indeed!! I used to own a stitching tote like that when I first started - I grew out of it quickly. :) What a great find!

  2. Absolutely! Especially since she didn't know if I even wanted the stuff. She bought it because it was good deal and there *might* be something worth the $5 she paid. Uhh...yeah!

  3. That's awesome. Kind of like opening a treasure chest!

    1. For sure...I told my husband it was. Like Christmas in July!

  4. OH MY GODDDDDD~! SO JEALOUS! You are so lucky!!!

  5. All that for only $5!??! O_o that's a crazy good deal!

  6. I know! I think the real gems were the Q-Snaps. I never bought one before, but heard a lot about them. I use mine all the time now!

  7. That is an awesome stash acquisition!!

  8. What a wonderful find. Looking forward to following your blog.and seeing what you stitch on all that fabric. Have a good weekend.

  9. Thanks Nicola! I have way too much stash...I'll never get to it all. But I plan on making quick work of that fabric - you can never have enough!