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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My First Project: Awaiting Baby...

 I began cross stitching when I was very young. It began how most of you may have started - a pre-teen bugging an adult (in this case, I am pretty sure it was my step-mother because she was awfully crafty) to buy you some type of art project to complete. Most consisted of a small kit that included thread, needle, fabric, and maybe a goofy plastic frame. It probably looked similar to this:
As I have become a more *ahem* "seasoned" cross stitcher, I am quite sure these small and not very pretty pieces of art were specifically created to introduce this craft to beginners. I mean, would YOU put that in your kitchen or give it as a gift? More importantly, would you want it? I am not gonna lie...not me. Uh, uh.

My first real project was a large piece I worked on when I was pregnant with my second daughter. My first pregnancy did not go so well and I lost the baby due to some complications. So, when I became pregnant a second time, I was watched pretty carefully and that meant quite a bit of rest and relaxation. I am sure I decided to start a project for her early in my pregnancy because I think if I had known she was going to be a girl, I would have stitched something a little more pink. But I selected a cute pattern with a sweet saying and got to work. 

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I developed toxemia, a potentially dangerous condition that many first time mom's contract. Needless to say, I was on bed rest for 8 weeks before I was induced to deliver. I remember very clearly working feverishly on her gift to make sure it was done before her arrival - swollen feet propped up, snuggled in a blanket on the couch. I don't remember when exactly (I blame pregnancy brain. It is a real condition - look it up!), but I did get it done eventually. Here is the final result:
This is in its original frame, but I removed it at some point to press and trim for re-framing. Seems my framing skills were lacking (hey, it was my first project!) back in the day and after it being in storage for so long, I felt the need to "restore" it and mount it in a prettier fashion.. It is still waiting for my attention, but it is in a safe place for now and remains one of my most beloved projects I have ever completed.

And so begian my passion for counted Aida and colorful floss, beads and metallic embellishments. I have been cross stitching steadily for over 15 years and as long as my eyes hold out - gonna continue to do so. I started this blog to share my stories of my work, give advice and helpful tips, and perhaps be a resource for you as you complete your first (or twenty first!) project. So if stitching is your "thang", come on in....the fabric is fine.

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